Environmental Policy

We take environmental issues very seriously

We all have to play our part in saving the planet.

All the staff at Wirralco takes environmental issues seriously, we are aware of the damage caused by our industry to the planet and try to take steps to alleviate waste and source products responsibly.

Our litho printing process is alcohol free (it uses no IPA) and we use vegetable oil based inks as standard. The majority of paper is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, who ensures paper is sourced responsibly from the forest to the press. 100% recycled paper and biodegradable laminate are available on request.

Wirralco are certified with the World Land Trust where we purchase carbon credits from paper bought which provides support to UK woodlands under the Carbon Capture Programme.

All our paper, cardboard and plastics are removed weekly by Rapide Reprographics and the waste is sorted and the majority recycled. Our aluminium printing plates are collected and recycled regularly and the small amount of waste chemicals produced disposed of by J&G Environmental, a reliable print waste management company who process 95% back to useable materials.

Over recent years the factory has been converted to LED lighting and our future plans include changing the delivery van to hybrid and upgrading to more efficient machinery, reducing waste and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.